China Market Entry

In most cases the reward of entering the chinese market outweighs the risk of doing so. As it appears to be a tough and scary decision to enter a new territory, such risks can be mitigated through detailed market research and finding the right angle to appeal to the local market segment. We want to help you in finding out if there is a right opportunity for your business before you waste your time and money trying to explore the market yourself and come to realize that you could not compete. We help to adjust your products or services according to the behavior of the local target market and help you understand the preferences and demand after performing the competitors’ analysis.

As the saying goes “It is about who you know”. This is extremely true if you want to enter the chinese market. You need to have good connection- or at least know someone who does- with the government so that the incorporation of your company will be a faster process with the relevant government permits. We help companies with the bureaucratic procedures and work closely with you on the necessary processes. We bridge the gap between you and the chinese government through maintaining a good relationship and helping you understand the business culture.

It is important to find a trusted partner and we want to be the missing piece of your puzzle.

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